Our curriculum encompasses a child-centered approach that emerges from the ideas and needs of the children in the program.

Each of our classrooms applies the center-wide curriculum in ways that are developmentally appropriate for their age group. Our curriculum also has a strong focus on nature, art, music, and natural environments.

• Our center is inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy, as well as the Magda Gerber’s Educaring approach, or “RIE”.

• We embrace a “wholistic” (as in whole-child) approach to teaching and caring for the young child, birth through age five.

• The crux of this approach is that in infancy and early childhood, daily life experience is the “curriculum” and this curriculum is based on best practices in early childhood education.

• Children are provided a nurturing environment that meets their physical, social and emotional needs.

• We focus on strong daily rhythms for play, meal times and rest, while providing a backbone of familiar, nurturing activities such as reading, painting, sensory play, color work, gardening, music and movement.

• Our calendar year follows the seasons with various multicultural themes and center events interspersed.

• Our caring and talented teachers enrich the curriculum with a strong focus on building social skills, positive peer interaction, honoring diversity and fostering inclusiveness.

• Our goal is to ensure that children at all age levels are engaged and stimulated with a love of learning, while receiving the nurturing and care they need in a soothing environment.

• As each child grows and transitions from one developmental step to the next, they are presented with new levels of learning and experience.

• By the time Kindergarten approaches, the child will have the strong social skills needed to make the transition into the wider world.