WCCC serves 58 children, ages 8 weeks to 5 years.

Student to Teacher Ratios

The high quality of the program is assured by optimal staff/child ratios.
Infants 1:3 (age 8 weeks to 16 months)
Toddlers 1:4 (12 months to 2.5 years)
Young Preschool 1:5 (2 years to 3.5 years)
Pre-schoolers 1:7 (3 and 4 year olds)
Pre-K 1:10 (4 and 5 year olds)

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Cloud Room

We have a small infant program with a ratio of two teachers to six infants. Infant days revolve around each child’s individual schedule and needs. Parents may supply breast milk and cereal, as well as extra clothes and diaper wraps. We offer Sunflower Diaper Service for those who wish to use it, and babies can eat from the menu when they start to self-feed. Each child has an informational “report card” that parents fill out at the start of the day and teachers fill in as the day goes along. The Cloud Room has its own play area, a deck with an awning, strollers for sunny day walks, air conditioning, and lots of interesting age-appropriate toys.

There’s lots of singing, tummy time, love, care, and stimulating interaction going on as the babies grow. Infants leave the cozy haven of Cloud Room and transition down to the happy land of the Sunshine Room when they are walking steadily on their feet, reducing to one nap daily, and starting to self-feed. This usually happens between 12 and 14 months, but transitions are based on each individual child’s readiness.

Sunshine Room

We have a two teacher to eight toddler ratio in the Sunshine Room. The Sunshine Room curriculum is based around the budding social skills of this age group. They are learning to eat together, play together, walk as a group, take turns, take naps, use sign language along with words, as well as engaging in some fabulous activities that enrich their development.

Rainbow Room

Children enter the Rainbow Room around year two/two and a half and stay until they are three/three and a half and have mastered potty training. We have two teachers to ten children in this room. This age is pre-preschool, and children spend their days learning and practicing vital social skills through lots of play, teacher/peer interaction, and more structured activities that help prepare them for a larger classroom experience.

Star Room

We offer a wonderful mixed age (3-4) preschool program with a ratio of two teachers to 14 children. Our emergent curriculum follows a yearly calendar of seasonal themes and events. We focus on strong social skills and provide a wide variety of enriching activities. Our goal is to establish within each child a love of learning and a sense of community confidence that they will carry with them into the wider world.

Rockets (Pre-K)

Older four year olds and five year olds who will be going on to kindergarten make up our Pre-K group. The Pre-K has their own classroom setup in Taylor Hall. Pre-literacy, science, earth, math and thinking fun as well as continued creative and social emotional development are some of the topics we emphasize.