Hello Families!

I’m currently reading a book called “Child of Mine” by Ellyn Satters which is a wonderful resource for healthy eating habits and creating a positive relationship between children and trying new foods. Ellyn has worked as a food psychologist for those with eating disorders and written numerous books over her years. The premise seems to me to be rooted in some of our RIE and Reggio philosophy based in respecting each child as an individual. In this way Ellyn speaks of a “division of responsibility” in feeding where parents are in charge of what, when and where; while children are responsible for how much and whether. Ellyn writes, “You don’t have to take responsibility for how your child’s bodies turn out. That is up to them and mother nature. Do your job with feeding and the rest is up to them.” As long as parents provide a variety of nutritious meals at appropriate times in a comfortable, low key/non-controlling environment, they are doing their jobs and meal times become significantly less stressful for everyone involved, creating healthier, happier eaters. As I continue to read more of Ellyn Satters work I would be happy to speak and share with all of you.

Here is our kitchen’s philosophy for creating and nourishing the Wallingford Childcare Center:

WCCC kitchen philosophy and nutritional guidelines

I wish you the best,

Meghan Maynard
WCCC Head Chef