WCCC serves 58 children, ages 8 weeks to 5 years.

Our center is influenced by Magda Gerber’s Educaring Approach and the Reggio Emilia philosophy. We have 8 staff members who have completed the RIE foundations course. Our infant and toddler programs offer cloth diapering through Baby Diaper Service. Children at WCCC are viewed as capable individuals with valued thoughts, personalities, wants and needs. A strong sense of collaborative community rings throughout our building and can be demonstrated in our “community-style” dining, encouragement of family participation, and classroom environments and routines that are guided by the children’s needs and interests.

Children are sensitively observed and documentation is recorded through Teaching Strategies Gold. We also keep in communication with families through weekly newsletters, classroom specific email accounts, display boards and frequent opportunities for conferences and conversations. Teaching teams meet weekly to reflect and plan together.

Student to Teacher Ratios

The high quality of the program is assured by optimal staff/child ratios.
Infants (Cloud) 1:3 (age 8 weeks to 16 months)
Toddlers (Sunshine) 1:4 (12 months to 2.5 years)
Young Preschool (Rainbow) 1:5 (2 years to 3.5 years)
Preschool (Star) 1:7 (3 and 4 year olds)
Pre-Kindergarten (Rocket) 1:8 (4 and 5 year olds)

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